Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thing 10: Image Generators

I made this Trading Card using an online trading card maker on Big Huge Labs:

I also played around with some other image generators including a comic strip generator and a custom sign generator.

These image generators are easy and fun to use. They are great tools for students to use when creating presentations, projects, and websites. They're also good for teachers to use for the same purposes. Librarians can make lots of signs to post informing students of library procedures, and also can use these image generators to highlight new books or to supplement a book talk.

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Raible said...

Using the image generators to supplement book talks is a great idea. While I was researching the image generators I was thinking of ways I could use them in the classroom and library. I did not think of using them to supplement book talks. I love book talks and think your idea is great! :)