Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thing 20: Teacher Tube Perimeter Rap

I uploaded this video, "Perimeter Rap" off of Teacher Tube, a teacher's answer to You Tube, which is usually not blocked by most school districts.

This is a creative video made by Mrs. Burke, a teacher in North Carolina. Kudos to her for making perimeter and area fun! Teachers do so many great things to motivate their students to learn... I am constantly awed by their innovative and unique approaches to teaching! :)

It's a great resource to have access to so many educational videos that students can watch, either as a whole group, or individually online. These videos appeal to visual and auditory learners, provide a different avenue for teaching, and allow students to learn from the expertise of other educators.

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Raible said...

Brooke, I love that this teacher sings about perimeter! Kids can really remember things when we sing it!