Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thing 7: Google Tools

Today, I learned some very nifty features that Google offers. I signed up for an iGoogle page, which is just a fancy, personalized home page. I was able to add a background, links to pages I'm interested in, and other applications such as local weather, joke of the day, and National Geographic photo of the day. There's even a "To do" list that I can update each day. Very cool.

Here's a link to my iGoogle page:

The other tool I explored is Google Notebook. It's a feature that allows the user to copy and paste text, links, and pictures from the web into an electronic "notebook." This is a great tool for students to use when conducting online research. One of the many uses includes having students keep track of their resources by copying each web address into their Google Notebook as they conduct their research.

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Jackie McNabb said...

I liked looking at your igoogle page. I also had fun creating this. It is neet how you can add things of interest and see them each time you login.