Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thing 8: RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are helpful to those who read various online blogs and news sources each day. (This is NOT me at this point in my life since I seem to be so incredibly busy and don't have time for such things)... However, as a librarian I feel that it will be my professional responsibility to read blogs about all things pertaining to the library. I know that as a Reading Specialist, I should be reading blogs about that as well. I'll work to do this more often in order to improve as a professional. RSS feeds are helpful because they send email alerts when new news items have been posted. These stories are emailed as text only and don't include the format of the websites, advertisements, images, etc. It's a great time saver since the user doesn't have to visit various web sites to gather information. Instead, the information comes straight to the user's email inbox! As a librarian, I'll be able to keep up to date on various library blog postings without visiting numerous sites daily.

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