Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thing 12: Blog Posting

Many of the pieces of advice given about commenting on blogs seemed very common sense to me. But then again, I have seen people be very rude to each other on the internet, rudely correcting grammatical errors and making mean personal attacks.

Two good pieces of advice:
1. If you want to encourage readers to comment on your blog, be humble, be inviting, and be controversial. Keep things open ended so others feel inclined to add in their own two cents.
2. If you feel inclined to criticize someone, first think if it will make a difference. Will it contribute to the overall discussion? If so, always criticize kindly.

I followed my own advice when commenting on blogs. I commented on five Library2Play blogs and then chose two other blogs. I google searched blogs about the library. I commented on one blog post about prescription medications- wondering why parents don't medicate their children who have SEVERE issues. I really empathized with the blogger's frustration on this issue! I also commented on another blog post on the Librarian Philosopher blog about incorporating Facebook into instruction.

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