Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thing 21: Photostory

I created this vidcast about my recent trip to Athen using Photostory. It was very easy and the program walked me through every step. It was much simpler to use than Movie Maker.

Photostory has many applications in the library, including making book review videos, book talks, reports, and other fun and creative ideas.


"The Librarian" said...

Isn't Photostory great? I saw what one of my friends created and then made my own. It will be a great way to organize photos and send them to friends and family. I have already posted several of my photostories on my personal blog.

"The Librarian" said...

Oh, I forgot. After seeing your photos of Athens, I want to go to Greece. :)

Busy Mom said...

Photostory is so great. It really is a great way to 'display' photos of a trip! I can't believe how easy it is to use! Great show!