Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thing 18: Google Docs

Google Docs rocks! :)

Who new such a cool resource existed? Gone are the days of emailing attachments to myself or toting around a flash drive. Now I can store all of my documents and photos online and have access to them whenever and wherever! I love Web 2.0 :)

Advantages of Google Docs: I don't have to save files on a computer under My Documents or on the district network. I can have total flexibility of where to work on a document- I can start it at school, then work on it at home, and finish it at grad school- all the while easily saving my changes on Google Docs. I can also invite others to collaborate on the document with me. This makes it almost like a wiki in that each collaborator can edit the document and save any changes they made.

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VWB said...

Isn't it wonderful to know you can access your document anytime and you don't have to remember which computer or which storage device it is on! So freeing!!